Carburetor Diaphragms Keihin CV-32 1
Carburetor Diaphragms Keihin CV-32 2Carburetor Diaphragms Keihin CV-32 3

Set of 2 Brand New Aftermarket Carburetor Diaphragms Kawasaki KZ440 Carburetor Slide Diaphragm Rubber Part 1980 1981 1982 1983

$74.99 $59.99

Product Description

Set of 2 Brand New Aftermarket Carburetor Diaphragms (only the rubber parts). It does not include anything else than that. These aftermarket parts do not have separate part number. The part number of the corresponding Kawasaki VALVE,VACUUM Assembly is 16126-1044 . If you have any doubts you can take a look on the list below:

1980 KZ440-A1 LTD
1980 KZ440-B1
1980 KZ440-D1 LTD Belt
1981 KZ440-A2 LTD
1981 KZ440-B2
1981 KZ440-D2 LTD Belt
1981 KZ440-D3 LTD Belt
1982 KZ440-A3 LTD
1982 KZ440-D4 LTD
1982 KZ440-G1
1983 KZ440-A4 LTD
1983 KZ440-D5 LTD Belt


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