Set of 4 Aftermarket Carb Diaphragms Yamaha XJ650 XJ750 1980-1983 HITACHI HSC-32 HSC-33

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This listing is for set of 4 BRAND NEW Aftermarket Carburettor Diaphragms (only the rubber parts). It does not include anything else than that. They should fit Yamaha XJ650 XJ750 fitted with HITACHI HSC-32 and HSC-33 carbs made between 1980 and 1983. THEY WILL NOT FIT MIKUNI CARBSThese are definitely the best quality aftermarket replacement parts you can find on the market and they are petrol, ethanol and chemicals resistant. The diaphragm itself does not have separate part number and the corresponding Yamaha part number for the entire Diaphragm Assembly is 4H7-14940-00-00 . So according to this number the diaphragms above should fit the following models:

1980 XJ650 – XJ650G
1981 XJ650 – XJ650H
1981 XJ650LH
1981 XJ750RH
1982 XJ650J
1982 XJ650RJ
1982 XJ750J
1982 XJ750RJ
1983 XJ650K
1983 XJ750K
1983 XJ750MK
1983 XJ750RK


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