Set 2Pcs Carb Slide Diaphragms Kawasaki VN700 VN750 Vulcan 1985-2006 Keihin Carb

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This listing is for set of 2 BRAND NEW Carburettor Diaphragms (only the rubber parts). It does not include anything else than that. They should fit Kawasaki VN700 and VN750 Vulcan models with stock Keihin CVK34 carbs made between 1985 and 2006. THEY WILL NOT FIT MIKUNI AND HITACHI CARBS! These are definitely the best quality aftermarket replacement parts you can find on the market and they are petrol, ethanol and chemicals resistant. You can find many guides, shots and videos in internet how to change these but it just looks easy. Please, believe me… it is not. The parts are very fragile and delicate so I strongly advise the change to be done by professional. If you are not sure about the sizes of the diaphragms you need or you have any doubts please get in contact with us and we will discuss it to avoid further troubles for either you and us. The diaphragm itself does not have separate part number and the reference Kawasaki part number for the entire Diaphragm Valve/Vacuum Assembly is 16126-1173So according to that number the diaphragms above should fit the following models:

This Kawasaki 16126-1173 VALVE,VACUUM is used on these models and components:

1985 VN700-A1 LTD
1986 VN750-A2 Vulcan 750
1987 VN750-A3 Vulcan 750
1988 VN750-A4 Vulcan 750
1989 VN750-A5 Vulcan 750
1990 VN750-A6 Vulcan 750
1991 VN750-A7 Vulcan 750
1992 VN750-A8 Vulcan 750
1993 VN750-A9 Vulcan 750
1994 VN750-A10 Vulcan 750
1995 VN750-A11 Vulcan 750
1996 VN750-A12 Vulcan 750
1997 VN750-A13 Vulcan 750
1998 VN750-A14 Vulcan 750
1999 VN750-A15 Vulcan 750
2000 VN750-A16 Vulcan 750
2001 VN750-A17 Vulcan 750
2002 VN750-A18 Vulcan 750
2003 VN750-A19 Vulcan 750
2004 VN750-A20 Vulcan 750
2005 VN750-A21 Vulcan 750
2006 VN750A6F Vulcan 750




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